EOCR-PMZ Built-in Panel dan EOCR-PFZ Embedded Panel

  • Current system function, which automatically displays 3-phase current and leakage current in circulation every 5 seconds
  • Can be switched from auto circulation display mode to manual circulation mode with the touch of a button, allowing focused display on a certain element (one specific phase out of 3 phases or leakage current)
  • Contains the over current/under current/earth fault/current signal output function in a single EOCR
  • Wide range of use: 0.1~3600A – wide range: 0.5~60A; for 5 holes: 0.1~2.0A; with the use of an external CT: 1~3600A
  • Easily identifiable characters and numbers displaying trip causes
  • The last trip causes remembers up to the 3 most recent trip causes and the current at the time of the trips, and checks the operation even during the recovery of electricity after a power outage
  • Includes a timer function for checking total operation time and to provide a reminder of maintenance tasks, such as bearing replacement
  • Has a bar graph which helps the manager to set over current conveniently and to check the motor load factor
  • Has a transducer function (4~20mA current signal output) for easy and focused management
  • For over current operation characteristics, select from Definite, Inverse, and Thermal Inverse
  • Earth fault (leakage) current detection: zero-phase current detection method
  • For earth fault current operation characteristic, apply either Definite or Inverse
  • Over Current Protection Characteristics
    – Thermal Memory Protection (“th”): When Inverse is applied, the cumulative calculation value of the heat generated during the motor’s  operation is remembered in order to be protected directly by the hot curve instead of the cold curve. (Automatically resets 20 minutes after the motor stop)
    – Non-thermal Memory Protection (“ln”): When Inverse is applied, it is protected by the cold curve if the motor has started, and by the hot curve during normal operation
  • Removable EOCR allows its use in the terminal type or the hole type (removable terminal strip)


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Spesifikasi Schneider SAMWHA EOCR PMZ PFZ :

  • Merk : Schneider Electric
  • Model / Part Number : PMZ / PFZ


  • Current Setting :
    Over Current (OC) : Refer to the current setting range table
    Under Current (UC) : oFF/0.5~over current set value or below
    Earth Fault Current (EC) : 0.03A-10A: Definite, 0.03~1A: Can select from Definite/Inverse, oFF
  • Time Setting :
    Start Delay Time (OT) : oFF~200 sec
    Over Current Operation Delay Time (OT) : 0.2~30 sec (Definite) 1~30 (Inverse)
    Under Current Operation Delay Time (UT) : 0.5~30 sec (Definite), if “Uc”mode is oFF, “Ut”Mode automatically switches to oFF as well
    Earth Fault Current Operation Delay Time (ET) : Definite/Inverse: 0.05, 0.1~1~10 sec (0.1~1 sec: Changes in increments of 0.1 sec, 1~10 sec: Changes in increments of 1 sec
    Earth Fault Operation Delay Time (ED) during start-up : oFF/1~10 sec, applied to Definite operation
  • Error Tolerance :
    Current : 1<1A:±0.05A,1≥1A:±5%
    Time : t≤3s:±0.2s,t>3s:±5%
  • Operating Power Supply :
    220 : AC/DC85V~250V, 50/60Hz
  • Output Contact :
    OL : 2-SPST | AC250V / 3A Resistive Load
    OR : 1-SPST | AC250V / 3A Resistive Load
  • Usage Environment :
    Temperature : Storage -30~80 Deg C | Operation -20~60 Deg C
    Humidity : 30~85% RH (with no dew condensation)
  • Display Function :
    7-segment LED : Displays 3-phase current, leakage current, cumulative operation time, trip cause
    Bar graph : Displays actual load factor
  • Insulation Resistance : Between circuit and case DC500V/10㏁ or more
  • Insulation Withstanding Voltage :
    Between circuit and case : 2KV, 50/60Hz for 1 min
    Between contacts : 1.0KV, 60Hz for 1 min
    Between circuits : 2.0KV, 60Hz for 1 min
  • Installation Method : 35mm Din Rail or Panel
  • Electrostatic Discharge : IEC61000-4-2 Level3: Air Discharge: ±8kV, Contact Discharge: ±6kV
  • Radiated Discharge : IEC61000-4-3 Level3: 10V/m, 80~1000MHz
  • Conducted Disturbance : IEC61000-4-6 Level3: 10V, 0.15~80MHz
  • EFT/Burst : IEC61000-4-4 Level3: ±2kV, 1min
  • Surge : IEC61000-4-5 Level3: 1.2×50㎲, ±2kV(0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)
  • 1MHz : Burst Disturbance IEC61000-4-12 Level3: 2.5kV, 1MHz
  • Emission : IEC60255-25 Class A (Conducted & Radiated)

Secondary Function

Application :
  • Current Signal Output : 4~20mA
  • Total Operation Time : Records the total operation time of the motor since its installation (Displays up to 99999 hours)
  • Operation Time : Set to oFF, 1~9900 hours (in min. unit of 1 hour)
  • Reset Function :
    H-r : Manual Reset
    E-r : Electrical Reset
    A-r : Auto Reset (0.3 sec reset)
  • Fault Cause Save Function : Function to search recently operated info (including test mode operation)
  • Fail Safe : Self-diagnosis function based on operating power supply
Operation Condition Characteristics :
  • Current Signal Output : The role of transducer ※For current (4~20mA) output cable, a shield cable [2C-1.25㎟-CVV-SB Cable] must be used.
  • Total Operation Time : After being set to 0 hours at the time of factory shipment, it cannot be modified afterwards Time is accumulated only for the time the motor has operated
  • Operation Time : Time is accumulated only for the time the motor has operated (setting provided)
  • Reset Function :
    H-r : Reset with the Reset Button on the front side
    E-r : Reset by the control power cut
    A-r : 0.3 sec ~ 59 sec ~1 min ~ 20 min (setting available) However, auto reset is not available for phase loss, reverse phase, earth fault, locked rotor, and stall
  • Fault Cause Save Function : Can search up to 3 operations from the last operation (Last trip) even during operation
  • Fail Safe : Works in FS Mode, ON/oFF selectable



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