Foto TECO Motor Induksi AEEB AEVB

TECO Three-phase Cage Induction Motor AEEB AEVB

Teco Motor Induksi AEEB AEVB.

High efficiency, IP55
Frame size 63 to 315M
0.25 to 250 HP
IEC dimension


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Spesifikasi TECO Three-phase Cage Induction Motor AEEB AEVB

  • Merk : TECO
  • Series : AEEB dan AEVB
  • Type of motor : Totally-enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage induction motor
  • Design Standard : BS4999 , BS EN 60034 , IEC 60034, Starting Performance Design N
  • Voltages and frequency :
    • Standard stock available are 220-240/380-415 V / 50HZ for 3HP and below 380-415/660-720V/ 50HZ for 4HP and above
    • Other voltages such as 200V, 346V, 440V , 460V and 60HZ etc can be supplied on request.
  • Voltage variation : Motors are suitable for operation for continuous operation (S1 duty) within +/- 6% rated voltage.
  • Time duty : Maximum continuous rating , S1 duty
  • Cooling method : Self external fan, surface cooling ( IC 411 )
  • Method of starting : Full voltage direct on line starting or star-delta starting
  • Mounting : Horizontal foot mounting (IM 1001 or IM B3) , flange mounting (IM3011 or IM V1)
  • Stator insulation and temperature rise : Non-hygroscopic class F insulation system, with class B temperature rise
  • (80 degree C rise) by resistance method at 1.0 S.F.
  • Rotor winding : Squirrel cage, aluminium conductor with end-ring and wafter blades integrally cast.
  • Environmental conditions :
    Place : Non-hazardous
    Ambient temperature : -20 0C to 40 0C
    Relative humidity : Less than 90% RH (non-condensation)
    Altitude : Up to 1,000 metres above sea level.
  • Drive method : Belt service, however 2 Pole & 4Pole 75HP and larger is for coupling drive
  • Direction of rotation :
    Standard motors are suitable for operation in either direction of rotation.
    Direction of rotation of motor can be reversed by interchanging any two of the power lines.
  • Test procedure : According to BS 4999
  • External fan :
    The fan is of polypropylene and designed for bi-directional rotation.
    Other material fan is available on request.
  • Fan cover : Pressed steel sheet.
  • Shaft : Carbon steel , cylindrical single extension with keyway and key
  • Bearing :
    Bracket mounting, grease pre-packed shielded ball bearings for frame size 63
    through 180L, open bearings for frame size 180MA 2-Pole and 200L through 315M
  • Lubrication : Mineral oil, Li-base grease ( Frame size 63 through 250 use Multitemp SRL , frame size 280 and larger use Shell Alvania R3)
  • Terminal box :
    Standard terminal box is presssed steel type for motor frame size 180 and smaller, cast iron T-box for frame size 200 and larger. Terminal box is rotatable in 90 degree increments through 360 degrees.
    Terminal box is on the right hand side as seen from drive end as standard. For footmounted motors, it can be changed to the left hand side by changing the rotor position.
  • Painting : Phenolic rust proof base plus lacquer surface finish painting in blue-grey colour (Munsell 7.5BG 4/2)
  • Nameplate : Stainless steel
  • Grounding terminal :
    All motors are provided with an internal grounding terminal in the motor main terminal box.
    Additional external grounding terminal on the motor frame is provided for frame size 280 and larger.
  • Eyebolt : Motor of frame size 100 and larger is equipped with eyebolt or lifting lug.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility : Compliance with European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive reference number 89/336/EEC, standard EN 50081-1 1992, for motors up to 450KW
  • Options available :
    1. IP56
    2. Class H insulation
    3. Multi-speed
    4. Anti-condensation heater
    5. PTC thermistor for thermal protection
    6. Special paint finish
    7. Corrosion proof
    8. Special shaft extension
    9. Inverter duty application
    10. Smoke spill duty
    11. Grease relief valves for frames down to 100L

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