SPRIANO Indicating Level Controller Series 65L

SPRIANO Indicating Level Controller Series 65L

Seri pengendali penunjuk pneumatik 65LC memungkinkan pengukuran dan kontrol variabel proses utama.
Pada bagian ini diberikan data umum, untuk karakteristik model tunggal lihat lembaran relatif terhadap elemen penginderaan ukuran yang berlaku.



Spesifikasi SPRIANO Indicating Level Controller Series 65L :

Technical Data

Ambient temperature limits:
service : -20 ÷ +60°C.
storage: -40 ÷ +80°C.

Measuring Element

Type : displacer, level transmission with torque tube.
Versions :
with displacer chamber for external mounting to tank:
TF – top / bottom.
TL – top / side.
LF – side / bottom.
LL – side / side.
For internal mounting to tank:
SI – top.
LI – side.


Body and flanges :
– Carbon steel Fe 35/42.
– Stainless steel AISI 316.
Displacer and internal parts: AISI 316
Torque tube :
– standard : in AISI 316 + Hastelloy C
– special : all in Hastelloy C.
Standard measuring ranges : see codification.
Connecting flanges and rating : see codification.
Density : adjustable between 500 and 1400 Kg/m3.

Accuracy (% of span)

Linearity and hysteresis errors: ± 1%.
Repeatability: <= 0,20%.
Dead zone: <= 0,20%.
Drift for variation of the ambient temperature: 0,02%/°C.


Finned extension arm: for service temperatures above 150°C up to 350°C.
Finned part material (not wetted by process fluid): AL UNI 4514.

Control Unit

Principle: motion balance design.
Control actions and ranges of adjustment:
P l BP 2/200% (Kp 50/0,5)
P+I l BP 4/400% (Kp 25/0,25); Ti 0,1/25 min.
SD l 1 to 100% of span
P+IR l BP 4/400%; Ti 0,05/5 min.
Direct/reverse acting: reversible by rotating the BP dial.
Air Supply: 1,4 ± 0,1bar.

Case, Mounting, Air Connections

Protection grade of case: IEC – IP 45
Case material: aluminium UNI 5076
Scale: 0/100%.
Air connections: 1/4″ NPT F.