SPRIANO Electronic Pressure Transmitter Series SET46

SPRIANO Electronic Pressure Transmitter Series SET46

Series SET46 transmitters, complete with diaphragm in AISI 316, measure relative or absolute pressure in measuring spans between 0,035 and 31,5bar. The pressure measuring element is a piezoresistive sensor. It is possible to choose between sensors to satisfy the process conditions.

The sensor, protected from the process fluid by diaphragm, generates a signal corresponding to the actual pressure and is complete with a PTC thermistor which also transmits the temperature of the measuring cell to the electronic system. On the basis of these two values and of the configured parameters the electronic system generates a standard output signal (4 to 20mA, two wires system) and displays all the necessary data on the LCD display. The operating parameters can be changed by means of the two push buttons that are below the LCD display.

Among the relevant characteristics of this microprocessor
based transmitter, are the following:
– wide rangeability for the measuring span (abt. 1 to 10).
– automatic temperature compensation in the measuring



Spesifikasi SPRIANO Electronic Pressure Transmitter Series SET46 :

  • Merk : SPRIANO
  • Model : SET46

Functional Data

With reference to the following, please note these definitions:

  • Nominal range : (referred to the sensor mounted on the instrument) the pressure range (included between a minimum and a maximum values) to measure which the sensor has been designed.
  • Nominal span : the pressure interval between the minimum and maximum values of the sensor nominal range. The span is a number.
  • Measuring range : the pressure range between minimum and maximum for which the transmitter has been calibrated.
  • Measuring span : the pressure interval between minimum and maximum values of the measuring range.
  • Input scale initial value or zero input : minimum pressure value included in the measuring range.
  • Input full scale value : maximum pressure value included in the measuring range.
  • Measuring range and span : see table.
  • Span adjustment : by means of push buttons.
  • Zero adjustment : by means of push buttons.
  • Digital damping : by means of push buttons.
  • Reverse output : by means of push buttons.
  • Self test : FAIL SAFE STATE selectable (HIGH/LOW).

Physical Characteristics

  • Power supply: 11,1 – 30 V d.c. with no load.
  • Relation between supply voltage and permissible load:
    0/250 Ohm for 16,7 V d.c.
    0/576 Ohm for 24 V d.c.
    0/844 Ohm for 30 V d.c.
  • Output signal: 4/20 mA, 2 wires system.
  • LCD display reading: -10 ÷ +65°C.
    4 digits LCD display, 5 symbols (bar, mbar, psi, %, sec.).
  • Settling time : 150ms (at 27°C)

Environment And Conditions

  • Temperature
    Process fluid: -20 ÷ + 90°C
    Housing: -20 ÷ +80°C
    Handling and storage: -20 ÷ + 90°C
  • Relative Humidity : 0 ÷ 100% R.H.
  • LCD display reading : -10 ÷ +65°C

Unless otherwise stated performance specifications are given at following conditions: ambient temperature = 20° C, silicone oil filling, max span.

Unless otherwise stated, all errors are gives as percentages of max span.

  • Accuracy rating : it is assured within the following limits.
  • Non Linearity : < 0.10%
  • Repeatability : < 0.10%
  • Hysteresis: < 0.10%

Operating Influences

  • Thermal drift : it is referred to -10 ÷ +65°C range.
  • Zero: ± 0.1%/10°K. Span : ± 0.1%/10°K at nominal range.
  • Power supply effect :
    Negligible between 11,1 and 30 V d.c.

Physical Specifications

  • Process wetted parts : AISI 316.
  • Housing : die cast aluminium alloy AL UNI 4514 finished with epoxy resin (RAL 5014).
  • Covers O-ring : Buna N.
  • Filling fluid : silicone oil.
  • Nameplate : stainless steel, fixed on housing.


  • Standard : at nominal range, linear.
  • Optional : at the conditions specified with the order.
  • Environmental protection : the transmitter is dust and sand tight and protected against sea waves effects as defined by IEC IP 66. Suitable for tropical climate operation as defined in DIN 50.015.
  • Process connections : see ordering information table.
  • Electrical connections : two cable entries on electronic housing, 1/2 NPT and cable gland PG 13,5 for 7 to 12mm diameter cable.
  • Terminal board: 2 terminals for signal wiring up to 1.5 mm2 (14 AWG). Connection for ground and cable shield. Mounting position: any position.


Bracket: for 2 inch pipe mounting.
Degreasing for oxygen service.

Equipment And Protection System ATEX 94/9/CE

Intrinsic safety ExiaT6/T5/T4
Amb. Temp. °C: -20 + + 40 (T6) / +55 (T5) / 80 (T4)

Group II class 1G suitable for zone 0,1,2 – EN60079-10

Eletromagnetic Compatibility

Conforms to the standard CEI EN 61326-1 (1997) in accordance
with 89/336/EEC and following modifications

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Selain brand Spriano, kami juga mengageni barang dari merk terkenal lainnya seperti Badotherm (Holland), Schneider Electric (SAMWHA Korea), General Instrument (India), Smart Measurement, Hitec, Ewo, LSW dan banyak lagi.

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